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by {Melissa }

If you are reading this, you've explored my site long enough to find my blog... thank you!
I'm married to an amazing man who works hard for our family, keeps me laughing and supports all my dreams even when they're out of reach! 
We are proud parents of the sweetest little girl, Eleanor Lovely. She is the joy and light of our lives!
This Blog will contain glimpses of previous sessions and artwork of mine. 
Thanks for being here! 


Three Roomates a Dog and a Hedgehog 


by {Melissa }

I had advertised for Valentines Day Sessions and this group of room mates messaged me wanting their own "family" photos done. I love when you can consider someone family even when they aren't directly related through blood or marriage. That is the truest form of love. 

Also I've never photographed a hedgehog before, but now I kind of want one!